Here at PUSH San Diego, we specialize in pregnancy and birth by offering wellness enhanced pregnancy acupuncture. It’s safe to receive acupuncture before, during, and after pregnancy.
Maintain a Healthy, Full-Term Pregnancy
Acupuncture during pregnancy has been shown to provide many benefits and has been proven to help increase blood flow to the uterus and the baby. This promotes baby’s healthy development, reduces mom’s stress, and relieves many common physical discomforts associated with growing a baby, such as:

Potential Miscarriage – If you experience spotting or premature rupture of membranes, acupuncture and moxibustion treatments may possibly prevent loss. Moxibustion after acupuncture and in-home visits is especially recommended. Make sure to contact us at the first signs of a potential miscarriage.

Nausea & Vomiting – Although nausea can occur at anytime during pregnancy, weeks 8-12 can be the most challenging. Some expectant moms experience “morning sickness” at all hours of the day and night. Recommended course of treatment is twice weekly until symptoms subside (usually requires 3-4 treatments).

Back & Pelvic Pain – As pregnancy progresses, mom’s weight must increase—along with her belly size. The rapid growth and extra weight puts strain on the muscles of the back and pelvis.

Low Iron Levels – Your baby is using and storing iron in-utero, which makes gestational anemia quite common. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and dietary recommendations can do wonders to support maternal iron levels.

Fatigue – You may feel tired as your body works to grow a baby. From hormonal changes to difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position, exhaustion is a normal part of pregnancy. Many moms find that an acu-moxa boost can really help to energize them.

Swelling – Some women experience mild to extreme swelling in the hands, feet, and face. Especially later in pregnancy, this can be very uncomfortable. Regular acupuncture treatments and moxibustion can reduce swelling and associated discomfort.

Breech Baby – It’s normal for baby to move around in the womb. Moxibustion, in conjunction with a several acupuncture points, can support the baby in turning to a more favorable position. Mom goes home with moxibustion sticks so she can continue the course of treatment by warming specific acupuncture points for 20 minutes a day, for 10 consecutive days. These days most doctors and hospitals do not deliver breech babies vaginally and a Cesarean section is scheduled. At PUSH San Diego, we can help your baby turn so you can have the birth you planned. Other resources to shift a malpositioned baby are discussed at

Preparing For An Optimal Birth Experience
To gently encourage the onset of labor, weekly acupuncture treatments are recommended if you begin treatment (or are continuing from earlier in your pregnancy) between weeks 36-38. Beginning at week 38, twice weekly treatments are recommended. And, if you have concerns about avoiding an induction, from 40 to 42 weeks of pregnancy, we recommend coming in daily, or every other day, until delivery. Acupuncture gently and effectively supports the onset and progression of labor including the following:
  • The natural release of prostaglandins for cervical ripening.
  • Loosening of ligaments through release of the hormone relaxin.
  • Oxytocin release for triggering surges, and helping mom feel loved and relaxed.
When baby is able to initiate labor by emitting hormones because he/she is fully developed and ready for birth, it tends to go smoother. And as mom’s body produces its own hormones naturally and gradually, both mother and child will experience a healthy, gradual onset of labor. We often hear how difficult it is to initiate labor pharmacologically, and though it can be a needed intervention, when mom and baby are fully ripe and ready to go, the process just flows.
In addition, pre-birth acupuncture has been shown to help:
  • Reduce anxiety, boost energy.
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Shorten the duration of active labor when the time comes.
  • Reduce the need of medical interventions, such as pain medicine.
  • Dramatically reduces the chance of needing a pharmacological induction.
Often, moms come to us to receive acupuncture for the first time in their lives when they are trying to “bring on the baby”. It is our honor to work with you at this time and we do all we can to provide a transformative session, insuring you feel safe and comfortable in our healing center.

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