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We offer both a General Wellness Membership as well as PUSH Pregnancy Packages. Keep scrolling to find the best package for you. 


The membership cost varies per package.

When you join any of our acupuncture membership programs, you also receive a 20% discount off your first visit with each of our allied PUSH practitioners, and an ongoing 10% off all products and selected classes.

There are no setup fees to enroll in auto-debit. Billing occurs on the day you set up your account and follows on the 1st of the next month. It is easy and simple. This is an individual membership with a monthly payment requirement and is non-transferable.

Optimally healthy people come in for acupuncture treatment at least once per month. This is an opportunity to address whatever health situations have arisen since your last visit and gives you something to look forward to each month.

Many folks come searching for acupuncture when they are in need of help. Sometimes in desperate need! And, with the right course of treatment, they usually experience full resolution of their symptoms. What folks might not realize is that if they use acupuncture regularly, most health issues can be completely avoided. If you keep your body healthy, you can heal faster than illness can manifest. We recommend regular visits. The effects of acupuncture are cumulative and weekly sessions are the most effective for regular care to keep you feeling great and at the top of your game. During acute situations more sessions are necessary, and even daily therapy may be recommended (such as for natural progression of labor). As you heal, we can evaluate your progress together and help you graduate from an acute care plan to a maintenance plan. For maintenance, at least once a month is great to keep you on course!

Let’s consider what acupuncture does for a body in general:

  • It balances the body’s flow of energy and circulation.
  • It improves digestion, metabolism, and hormone production and function.
  • It strengthens (or regulates) the immune system.
  • It helps the body detoxify (specifically, the liver, the large intestine, the kidneys, and such).
  • It harmonizes emotions and lifts the spirit!

When you receive acupuncture regularly, you keep yourself healthy and reduce stress. It is a relaxing event to look forward to each week/month—”a vacation in an hour!” (as many of our patients have said following a treatment). This supports healthy and happy families—moms, dads, sons, daughters, babies—and makes for happy homes!

It is an honor for us to work with and support the health of your entire family!

  • Headaches
  • Restless Sleep / Insomnia
  • Pain of Any Sort (Neurological, Orthopedic, Organ/Tissue)
  • Digestive Issues
  • Energy / Fatigue / Endurance
  • Obstetric / Gynecological Conditions

(Please see our Benefits of Acupuncture page for a more detailed list)

Come see us for the optimal number of acupuncture treatments for maximum pregnancy wellness to:
Help keep you and your baby nourished and healthy throughout pregnancy.
Maintain exceptional comfort during pregnancy and quickly address any pregnancy-related imbalances.
Achieve radiant wellness and pampering for mom.
Prepare your mind and body for birth with all the enjoyable extras like meditations, essential oils, massage, and more!

Sessions: 12-17 sessions, 60-120 minute treatments depending on trimester (see below)

Your sessions each trimester:
36, 37 – 2 treatments/week (total 4 visits) – 60 min treatments.
38, 39 – 2 treatments/week (total 4 visits) – 90 min treatments. (May be used for six 60-minute sessions.)
40 – 2 treatments/week (total 2 visits) – 120 min treatments. (May be used for four 60-minute sessions.)
Postpartum Acupuncture Treatments (total 2 visits) – 90 min treatments. Used within first two months postpartum. (May be used for three 60-minute sessions.)


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