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Here at PUSH San Diego we specialize in pregnancy & birth by offering safe and gentle acupuncture to support women and their families before, during, and after pregnancy.
Preparing For An Optimal Birth Experience
To gently encourage the onset of labor, weekly acupuncture treatments are recommended if you begin treatment (or are continuing from earlier in your pregnancy) between weeks 36-38. Beginning at week 38, twice weekly treatments are recommended. And, if you have concerns about avoiding an induction, from 40 to 42 weeks of pregnancy we recommend coming in daily, or every other day, until delivery. Supported by acupuncture, as the body produces its own hormones naturally and gradually the mother and child will experience the gradual onset of labor. These hormones include the release of prostaglandins for cervical ripening, relaxin for loosening of ligaments, and oxytocin for triggering surges and relaxing mom. In addition, pre-birth acupuncture has been shown to help maintain healthy blood pressure, reduce rate of medical intervention, reduce anxiety, boost energy, and shorten the duration of active labor when the time comes.
Acupuncture helps with the Natural Progression of Labor whether you are up against a deadline of pharmacological induction or a cesarean section. It supports the mother’s body to be ready and supported once the baby is ready to trigger the labor process. We modify each treatment according to three levels of intensity, from low to medium to high, depending on the unique circumstance and deadline involved. Acupuncture will also help mitigate and reduce the stressors involved with being post term which can further hinder the delivery process. Coming in for treatment before labor begins will give you the opportunity to try acupuncture and experience its pain-free and relaxing effects, and you will be able to meet some of our team members and discuss any questions you may have before the big day.
Labor & Delivery – the Big Day!
PUSH Professional Birth Angels: On-Call Services for Labor & Delivery
Having the support of a PUSH Professional Birth Angel next to you during your birthing process is an amazing option for any woman!
Our team of PUSH Professional Birth Angels are acupuncturists and massage therapists, specifically trained in techniques to improve Labor and Delivery for the birthing mom, who are overseen by Deb Davies, one of the world’s leading experts in Acupuncture for Labor and Delivery.
Deb and her team of PUSH Professional Birth Angels are always on call for attending births at homes, hospitals, and birth centers throughout San Diego County, and all PUSH Professional Birth Angels are licensed and properly insured.
The calming presence and expertise of a PUSH Professional Birth Angel is especially helpful if your labor goes long or if you are having any fears, anxiety, uncontrolled nausea, or pain during your delivery, providing excellent options for your most optimal birthing experience.
To help you experience your most optimal birth we mainly perform acupressure (activating acu-points to provide relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and nausea) and massage (soothing rocking motions and lots of pelvic area massage) and only use acupuncture if truly necessary. If we decide that acupuncture will provide the best results for a laboring mom, we use a few points at a time and sometimes combine it with electrical stimulation (similar to a TENS unit). We also often include ear acupuncture, ear seeds, and essential oils in our treatments.
Acupuncture is a natural option for supporting the many expected—and unexpected—aspects of labor and delivery. We are able to assist women in all stages of labor, starting with weekly acupuncture sessions (beginning at 36 weeks gestation) to encourage optimal labor preparation and finally with birth support at the chosen birthing location whether at home, a birth center, or in the hospital.
Every woman is different, and so is every labor. Acupuncture works with the body’s innate intelligence to maintain proper balance and functioning. Some of the many benefits of Acupuncture during Labor and Delivery include:
  • Ripening the cervix.
  • Encouraging labor to start if past due date.
  • Supporting natural progression of labor.
  • Shortening labor time.
  • Helping to turn a malpositioned baby.
  • Calming and relaxing the laboring mother.
  • Reducing pain by stimulating energy flow in the body and increasing endorphins.
Acupuncture during labor and delivery is performed somewhat differently than typical treatments done in our office. In early labor, several needles may be used to treat multiple points simultaneously and as labor progresses we will generally use only one or two points at a time. Your PUSH Professional Birth Angel is able to seamlessly weave the acupuncture into the rhythm of your contractions.
Additional treatments during your labor can include massage, acupressure, auricular acupuncture (attaches to the ear) with tape or electrical stimulation or ear seeds. All of these services can be used to help as comfort measures in managing pain or to encourage natural progression of labor. All treatments may be done repeatedly through various stages of labor.
​* Check individual hospital policies in advance to make sure acupuncture is allowed.
Incorporating PUSH Professional Birth Angels into your treatment care is ideal for any mother wishing for more support during her birthing process.
New Patients can contact us for Birth Angel services from 9a-9p. (Must be a Current Patient before labor begins for services between 9p-9a.)
Accepted Locations
Make sure to check with your birthing facility in advanced to make they allow acupuncture during labor and/or delivery.
All birth centers and home births are accepted.

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